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Melodieux Collection

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Expert home furnishings manufacturer with highly capable production facilities
Melodieux product quality reaches international certification standards
Trade confidently with Melodieux from production quality to purchase protection
Tailored solutions to meet your needs with flexible customization and comprehensive OEM & ODM services

About US

Melodieux a global home furnishings brand since 2015, offers a wide range of products including curtains & drapes, mirrors, tablecloths, rugs, quilts, towels etc. With representatives worldwide, we understand your market and the challenges faced by manufacturers. Our e-commerce platform connects retailers, resellers, distributors and wholesalers, providing high-quality products with low minimum order quantities and fast delivery. Melodieuxhome.com is your one-stop solution for home furnishing sourcing.

ic/moq Flexible MOQ ic/oem Strong OEM & ODM ability ic/high eff High efficient production ic/One-stop Sourcing service One-stop sourcing service


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